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Meet Dr. Sokolow

It's hard to believe how fast the years have gone, but I've been practicing orthodontics exclusively for more than 40 years, and it still feels as fresh and interesting as when I started. I suppose time does fly when you’re having fun! It gives me a lot of satisfaction to know that I’m doing much more than just straightening teeth. I have seen so many people who’ve had their attitudes and their futures enhanced by the great smiles we create. It's a great profession, not only because of the low-stress environment in the office and the fascinating people we get to meet, but also because of the satisfaction in seeing the lives we change.


Education and Continuing Education

I attended the University of California Los Angeles for my Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics, continuing on at the UCLA Dental School for my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. My orthodontic training and certification were achieved at the University of California San Francisco.

Early in my orthodontic career I was passionate about enhancing the efficiency of orthodontic treatment with new techniques that were emerging. Today, my attention has turned to making sure that our orthodontic treatment decisions are based on the best scientific evidence. In order to accomplish this, I take courses on new innovations and techniques throughout the year, read orthodontic journals monthly, and study new research articles that are published in other journals relating to dentistry. I enjoy following the latest in evidence-based dentistry and orthodontics so I can be confident that our patients are receiving the best treatment that can be provided.

Professional Affiliations

  • Dental Informatics Online Community
  • UCSF Orthodontic Alumni Association

Outside the Office

Born in Los Angeles, I am now happy to reside in the beautiful coastal community of Santa Cruz. My wife, Sonya, and I have two adult daughters, Shannon and Susanne, who live in northern California. At home, we have four little miniature Pinscher dogs that are like additional children to us. We live in a semi-rural area with horses and miniature cattle that are my wife's pride and joy.

My favorite leisure activity is riding my recumbent bicycles, but I also have a longtime hobby of working on and playing with computers, going back to my membership in the Homebrew Computer Club when personal computers were just being invented and you had to build them yourself! My latest passionate interest is 3D stereoscopic photography: making 3D videos, editing them on my computer, and uploading them to my channel on YouTube and other 3D video hosting sites to watch on 3D televisions. You should check them out!

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